View and Manage all jobs – The Management Web Portal

Three main pages on the management web portal for day-to-day use:
Active Jobs page / Add or edit job page / Calendar view.

Three main pages for day-to-day use:

  • The Active jobs Page – instant overview of all jobs
  • The Calendar View Page – manage job dates and engineers
  • The Add/Edit Job Page – Control and edit all aspects of the job and job sheets

The Active Jobs Page – The Heart of the System.

Welcome to the Active Jobs page, your dynamic command centre within our Mobile Job Sheet System. Here, you gain real-time insights into every job currently in progress, ensuring seamless coordination and progress tracking

  • Comprehensive Overview Get an instant snapshot of all your active jobs at a glance. The centralised layout simplifies your workflow by displaying essential details about each task.
  • Smart Filtering Options Effortlessly manage your workload using the filtering system. You can categorise jobs based on their status – whether they are in progress, on-site, completed, or custom status categories tailored to your needs.
  • Customizable Columns Adapt the display to meet your unique requirements. The configuration panel allows you to edit, delete, or include specific columns, providing a personalised experience that matches your workflow.
  • Edit with Ease Navigate between jobs at a click of a button. Access the Edit Job page directly from the Active Jobs hub by clicking on the dedicated edit button for a specific job.
  • Calendar Integration Access the calendar directly from the Active Jobs page to view the jobs in hand, deadlines, and schedules effortlessly.

The Calendar View Page – Comprehensive intuitive

Gain a comprehensive overview of all the jobs assigned to your mobile users with our intuitive calendar view.

  • At-a-Glance Visibility: Instantly assess upcoming jobs and available time slots with a quick glance at the calendar interface.
  • Efficient Scheduling: Simple modifications to your team’s workload can be completed directly from the calendar view i.e. adjusting appointment dates or changing the lead engineer.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed about the status of each job, ensuring smooth workflow coordination and timely completion.
  • Interactive Functionality: Access the job edit page directly from the calendar for easy editing and status tracking.
  • On Page Editing: Simple on page editing; easily change the lead engineer and/or date and time

The Add/Edit Job Page – user-friendly interface

Efficiency starts here! Whether you’re starting a new job or fine-tuning existing ones, our Add/Edit Job pages provide a user-friendly interface, ensuring a streamlined experience within our Mobile JobSheet System.

Essentially the same page the Add New Job and Edit Job pages share an identical layout, differing only in that the Edit Job Page has all the information that has been entered for a specific job.

  • Customer Details: Manage customer relationships effortlessly with sections for invoice and site addresses.
  • Multiple Site Addresses : Accommodate scenarios where a each customer may have multiple site addresses.
  • Job Type: Cater to the diversity of your business by assigning different types of work, each potentially having its own job sheet.
  • Lead Engineer: Easily assign and track lead engineers for every job, ensuring accountability and efficiency.
  • Job Status: Customise the job status selection to mirror your unique business processes. Options already in the system include in progress, on-site, parts ordered, completed; and you can also add your own status options via the configuration panel.
  • Appointment Details: Schedule with precision using date, time, and duration settings for job appointments.
  • Job References: Capture crucial references such as order numbers, make/model, serial numbers, or any identifiers relevant to the job.
  • Admin Notes: Keep internal communication confidential with dedicated notes visible only to admins, ensuring a secure flow of information.
  • Scope of Work/Reason for Attendance: Using a free-text box you can input any additional relevant information, providing a comprehensive understanding of the job.
  • Detailed Job Sheet Questions: You can include bespoke questions tailored to your specific job requirements, which need to be completed by your mobile user prior to finishing and uploading the job back to the Management Portal. Questions can be set as mandatory if required, and you have the facility to also have YES/NO answers where required.
  • Internal Notes: Ensure seamless communication between admin and mobile users with private notes that won’t appear on the final job sheet.

Elevate Your Job Management, experience the power of customisation and precision with our Edit Job page, designed to adapt to your unique business needs. Take control of your workflows like never before.

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