Effortless communication between office and field staff

Streamline communication and enhance workflow efficiency

  • Management Web Portal:
    Our intuitive web portal serves as the nerve centre of your operations. Office staff can effortlessly input new jobs, assign tasks, and manage workflows with precision and ease. With real-time updates, supervisors can track progress and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Mobile App Integration:
    Empowering your field workforce, our mobile application delivers job assignments directly to their devices. Through secure login credentials, team members access detailed job sheets, including task descriptions, client information, and location details. The app is designed for seamless navigation, allowing users to stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Task Management and Checklists:
    Customisable checklists can be tailored to your specific requirements. Field workers can carefully complete pre-job checklists, ensuring thoroughness and adherence to quality standards.
  • Data Synchronisation:
    Our system ensures seamless synchronisation between the mobile app and the Management Web Portal. Upon completing tasks, field workers upload data, including completed checklists and job documentation, to the Web Management Portal. This real-time data exchange facilitates instant visibility for office staff, producing job sheets, documentation and everything is stored and ready to track via the Management Portal.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Documentation:
    Beyond task completion, our system prioritises customer satisfaction. Office staff finalise jobs, review documentation, and ensure all requirements are met before delivering a completed job sheet to the customer.
  • Configuration panel:
    easily set the system up as you wish.
Easy mobile job sheet communication between office and field engineer

Overall, the system streamlines communication, and enhances workflow efficiency by providing real-time updates, detailed task management, and seamless data synchronisation between office and field staff.

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