Site Addresses

job locations may differ from the customer’s main office so the mobile job sheet system accommodates multiple sites for a single customer.

Efficient Site Address management:

  • Automatic Site Address Capture: When entering a new job, the site address is automatically recorded and saved in a dedicated database.
  • Site address list: Streamline future job entries by recalling saved site addresses for the same customer via a dropdown menu.
  • Comprehensive Site Address Details: Capture not only basic site address details like site name, address, and postcode but also additional information crucial for your field workers such as access details, equipment details, asset lists. The information can be added in the form of text notes, PDF files, and image files to provide comprehensive details for each site.
  • Automatic Availability of Site Information: Once added, site information becomes readily available when selecting a new job for the site, saving time and ensuring accuracy by eliminating the need to repeatedly input site details.
  • Flexible Address Entry Options: Add new site addresses on a job-by-job basis (with a dropdown menu displaying current saved addresses for that customer) or alternatively you can populate the database with all site addresses related to a specific customer before creating any jobs.

Simplify the process of managing site addresses; recognising that job locations may differ from the customer’s main office Mobile Job Sheet accommodates multiple sites for a single customer.

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