System Configuration

Set up the Mobile job sheet management portal and the app to suit your needs

Configuration of the Mobile job sheet system:

  • Customisable App User Management: Manage mobile users effortlessly by adding, deleting, and editing their details. Or quickly resolve password issues or lockouts with easy unlock and email functions.
  • Mobile App Configuration: Customise mobile user options on the Mobile Job Sheet App such as calendar visibility and job assignment alerts. Choose email preferences for mobile users, including alerts, job sheets, and reassignment notifications.
  • Admin User Control for the Mobile Job Sheet Management Portal: Maintain control over your admin users by managing their details and setting permission levels. Customise access levels ranging from 1-6 based on your organisational needs and security requirements.
  • Flexible Job Status Management on the Active Jobs page: Customise job status types within Mobile Job Sheet to match your workflow and choose grid and font colours for enhanced visibility and organisation.
  • Tailored Work Types for every new job: Define multiple work types to match your specific job requirements. Ensuring your mobile operatives answer the right questions and complete all the tasks relevant to each job by assigning a specific job type appropriate to each job.
  • Adaptable Timesheet Categories: Mobile Job Sheet is set up with some basic categories, but you can add to these and/or modify the categories to reflect your work systems, allowing you to accurately track and report the time spent on different tasks.
  • Customisable Active Jobs Page: Edit the columns and information displayed on the active jobs page of the Mobile Job Sheet Management Portal for streamlined access.
  • General Admin Settings: Manage company information and configure the reference fields within the add/edit job page of the Mobile Job Sheet Management Portal. Customise new job options such as automatic population of the site address from the invoice address.
  • Module Management in the Mobile Job Sheet Management Portal: Enable or disable various modules within the system to tailor functionality to your needs. Choosing from modules such as images, quotes, invoices, parts, reports, and calendar to optimise system usage.

Our configuration panel allows you to tailor the Mobile Job Sheet system to your requirements, enhancing efficiency and workflow management.

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